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The Senza System for Violin

Video Production

Introducing the ‘Senza System’, an innovative new setup for the Violin and Viola.

The name ‘Senza’ (without) refers to the space between the bridge and the tailpiece. The string is attached like a traditional gut string with a knot at the end. This means that with the coloured attachment on the end of the strings now gone, this section of the string produces sympathetic resonance by vibrating freely.

In this short informational film, luthier Meike Aupperle explains how the system works, and professional Violinists Violeta Barrena and Sean Riley try out the system for the first time. Meike installs the Senza System installed on Violeta’s beloved 1735 Sanctus Seraphin, whilst Sean opts to try Senza on Meike’s own instrument.

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