Our Story

Our story begins in London in 2010, as the fledgling digital department of International Classical Artists (now Wright Music Management), classical music artist management agency. Whilst regularly making short video clips for our roster with our trusty handicam, it became increasingly apparent to us that equipping today’s artists with high quality digital assets of all kinds is more important than ever. The eureka moment truly hit us when one of our conductors was booked by an orchestra purely on the evidence of a video they found of him on YouTube performing a work they wanted to programme. It was then we knew the cogs of our digital production line needed to turn much faster!

With growing experience producing videos, websites and other digital assets for our artist roster, we realised there must be many more artists out there equally in need of the services we were now providing in-house. With this in mind, we created ICA Films in 2013. Initially focussing solely on video, this was a ground-breaking step to create a unique in-house video production company, producing high quality promotional films for both our roster and a wide range of external clients, from soloists to orchestras, singers and choirs and plenty more in-between.

In 2015 we decided it was time to take things up a notch, expanding ICA Films into ICA Media - a full-service digital media production agency - truly unique in its place as an in-house agency within International Classical Artists. So here we are today as Wright Music Media, still making films, still building websites, still taking photos and crafting delicious digital delights and loving every minute of it. Those cogs have never moved so fast!

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