What are our rates?

This really depends on the project. Because all our projects are bespoke to each client’s needs, there are many variables to consider. Essentially, it will come down to how much time it will take and what else is needed to complete the work to the highest standard.

Before beginning any project, we will provide a detailed quote which can be tailored. The best thing is to work out your budget and let us know this, then we can fit as much into this as we can.

How do our subscriptions work?

We love to work with people over and over again. In today’s digital age, it’s also vitally important to cut through the noise and present a consistent thread for people to find and follow.

If you want to create regular high quality content for your audience, be it video, photo or digital, we would love to help you do that.

If you host regular events and would like them filmed, livestreamed, photographed or have promotional content created for them, we can do that too! Let us know what you have in mind and together we can craft a plan for a simple all-in price to make it happen.

How do our packages work?

For example, if you're getting a new website, then if often makes sense to get some new content made for it the same time. We can work with you on the complete vision and production of your website and the new video and photographic content to bring it to life.

As another example, it is usually a good idea to have photos taken at a concert as well as having it filmed, to maximise the opportunity.

Essentially, because we provide the full range of services, it’s always worth exploring what crossover opportunities there might be on a project and how we can add more value. Because we can provide an all in one package, we can usually do so at a lower cost vs sourcing each service individually, not to mention making the whole process much easier as a result. Get in touch and let's talk it over.

How do we approach a project?

No two projects are the same. Because of this, we are very flexible on how we approach each project and aim to tailor this to the needs of each specific client and brief. Ultimately it is about telling your story in the best way possible, so that's what we always aim to do.

Why should I make an artist profile film?

From past experience, we have found that promotional films for artists benefit greatly from an ability to convey not only the talent of the artist(s), but also their personality and personal story. For this, incorporating interview content along with performance, we find works very well. To tell the story of that artist not just from the point of view of what they are doing, but why they are doing it and what inspires them. A film that conveys not only the performance, but also the performer. Our experience in artist management has shown us how effective these films are in 'selling' an artist to a promoter.

What's unique about the websites we build?

Unlike some other services, our websites are truly bespoke. Custom-built & tailored to your exact needs. We create & include all the content you need, we don't just leave you with an empty website template - we will will build you a website ready to impress! We build our own custom themes from scratch to create a unique & personal online presence which you can manage yourself or we can manage for you.

What equipment do we use?

For filming and photography, we use Canon and Blackmagic Design professional DSLRs and cinema cameras with high quality cine and DSLR lenses from Canon, Samyang and Sigma. We use professional audio equipment from RODE, Tascam, Zoom and Sennheiser as well as the latest LED lighting and tripods, stabilisers and sliders.

All equipment is updated regularly to ensure the highest production value. Equipment chosen for each project will be decided upon based on the specific brief and the filming conditions, in order to produce the best outcome for that particular project.

Do we provide any other services?

Ask us! If there is something you think we can help with but you don’t see it here, drop us a line and we’ll let you know if we can help.

Do we only serve the classical music & arts sectors?

No, not at all. We work with business and clients of all kinds. Classical music and the arts are certainly our main area, because of our background and unique place in that industry, but we also provide video, web, design and digital services to anyone! Get in touch if you want to work with us!

What’s the difference between Wright Music Media & Wright Music Management?

In short, there is no difference. Wright Music Media is a department of Wright Music Management. It is this attachment to an international arts management company which gives us our unique knowledge, experience and insight and why we can provide such a valuable range of services to today’s artists. To find out more, read our story here.